Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The sun never sets on the BSP!!!

This tour is going so well so far and you know how it is just getting to know people--think if this were a new office job... it could take months! But with touring musicians, it takes a few days to KNOW know each others' whole fucking deal.
Tonight, during our first song, I saw a worried Phil next to the stage on my side. His face. Next he was gone. I knew something was up. Later I learned that my keys were not in the house speakers and that the British Sea Power totally sprang into action--Phil came to me, which I knew meant something, then he and Scott went to the sound man as Mike, their own soundman, made split-second plans for a new amp. Emergency band reinforcements!
The sun never sets on the British Sea Power.
All of the east coast is about to blossom as we head into DC, moving north, toward the first days of spring in every town.

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