Friday, December 24, 2010


When Marty came home with me a week ago, he'd only seen the pound and his former home--a crazy lady hoarding chihuahuas (179 of them inside her house!). He didn't have much energy and he didn't seem interested in anything. Like, nothing. Not toys, food, or people. He seemed afraid and wanted to hide in my lap or behind me. He didn't want to walk, only carried, and he was completely freaked out by outside. Now he's eating really well, going in and out of his crate like a pro, and he's doing his business outside and running back up the steps by himself. He's finally playing! He's happiest in the living room where he can play on the rug, which he likes better than the hard wood floor. He'll chew rawhide bones and a few times he's even wrestled with his toy bee. His sense of humor is coming around now too. He's feeling playful mostly in the mornings. He likes to look at me and lunge and jump around, or run across the room to show off. He's getting really funny.