Saturday, June 30, 2007

Ivan Enters 2008 NBA Draft

We were in Whole Foods in Houston recently and Matt came up to Ivan and said, "Man, you have to go to the produce section right now. It will change your life." Ivan's first thought was, "There must be a huge, seedless watermelon sculpture over there!" Watermelon is Ivan's favorite thing and a sculpture... I'm sure that WOULD be lifechanging for him.

It was actaully Hakeem the Dream. Ivan introduced himself and talked to Hakeem for a little while, but not too long. Later, in the van, we said, "How was it!?" and Ivan said, "I've never been star struck in my life but, that was Hakeem the Dream! Do you know what I'm saying!? I had to talk to him." Everybody went on for a little while about what they thought of Hakeem and, at length, we all agreed that not only is he a legendary player, he's also a gentle giant.
It got quiet for a little while and then Ivan said, "Meeting him in there made me realize something... I could have dominated in the NBA."

Everybody thought that was great. We all laughed because, Hakeem is choosing oranges and Ivan's sizing him up.
I pointed out that Hakeem is HUGE. Ivan said, "Yeah, but I've played guys like that before. I played Erik Dampier who is big like that and those guys, you can go right up under them." He said, "I sized him up in there and I know I'm a good enough athlete to play at that level."

So, America, we are hoping you will do everything you can to help get the word out about Ivan entering the draft for next year. The Bowery Ballroom knee injury should be heeled by then and, if not, just another conversation topic for the guys over at Sports Center.

In other news, Ivan finally got a seedless watermelon today.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Oscar the Boxer

I've been following this guy for a long time now. This is my favorite video of him. I love him.

Friday, June 15, 2007

What's it going to take to get you into this van today?

San Diego

Portland, Hot Chip, Bare Feet...

Hot Chip came to our show last night at the Doug Fir in Portland and I was so excited to meet them because I love their music. You know how it is after the show—everybody is tired and we have to load out and all that, but we did get a chance to talk and visit a little and they were really nice guys. They’d just flown in from London for their US dates that start tonight. I wish we could have stayed to see them tonight in Portland, but the drive to San Francisco is so long.
Didn’t see M. Ward there. (You still on tour Matt?)
I grabbed a bottle of champagne from breakfast at the Doug Fir for the trip today in case we have time to stop in the redwood forest.
My shoes were in the car and I just couldn’t make myself put the boots back on so I walked out of the room and crossed the parking lot barefooted with the booze, a stack of plastic cups, and a box of tissues I took from the room for the long drive with a van-full of boys with the sniffles. I was looking pretty homeless when everybody decided to leave their rooms all at once and I ducked as quickly as I could behind some bamboo so as not to seem like some kind of crazy woman--but ducking always makes people look way sketchy. In my defense, I am in the business of creating magic at night--not looking cool in a daytime parking lot! So, I heard doors opening and I naturally thought, "Hot Chip! Hide!"

California--Great American Music Hall

Photo credit: Jake Thomas

Listening to Buck Owens in the van now on the way to San Diego. Driving through Bakersfield where my mother grew up. I must have something of the west coast in my blood and I’d like to think it’s the sunshine, but just now I’m thinking that it might be the smog. I’m not tired, I just have smog in my veins.

We played the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco. It was magnificent.
Everybody was very nice to us—they made us all a wonderful dinner, they have a great lighting person, an excellent front-of-the-house sound man, and an attentive monitors man with beautiful eyes. Above is a photo of the venue before the show, and then three photos of us on stage being hella cool. Obviously.
The atmosphere is the best thing about the Great American. Try to imagine the most decadent party you could have gone to 100 years ago and this is the place. The colors are red, gold, and magic. For musicians, this is the Sistine Chapel.