Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mashey Mash

Dudes. This is BLOWING my mind. It's really good.
T Pain + Rosebuds + Lil Wayne.

Courtesy The Hood Internet

Monday, October 13, 2008

New Parents

This is Zeno Gill assembling the crib:

Zeno recorded the Unwind EP for us and being in the studio with him is, well, it's kind of a therapeutic experience. He's so nurturing and excited about experimentation--he generates creativity. He lets us come in and bang on his piano, sing and yell, lay in the yard, try drum parts that seem like they're going nowhere (and years later they end up being "Hello Darlin") and just basically whatever doesn't make sense, he's okay with trying. And that's what we need. A lot. So, I knew when he and Christine decided to adopt a child they would be amazing parents and I started day dreaming right away about being a little kid in this musical and creative household. Christine is a bad-ass designer and the smartest woman you know who has already done everything so anything you want to talk about happens to be her area of special expertise. She lived a hundred fast and exciting lives in New York as a designer, she saw every band, she walked around the park in sharp black boots with hot chocolate, she found a house in Durham and decided to get all involved in the town's renaissance, she sat in two inches of dirty water--hand-chipping the nasty 50s flooring off her home's future-beautiful hard woods, she took old Rosebuds by the hand and showed us how design is a part of everything the band is, she has parties where she puts creative types in the same room with other creative types and watches them strike it up, she has had 7 backbones, she usually goes in all black, she has great jewelry, secret rooms of clothing racks from when "oh, yeah, I used to have a store" --no big deal just a kick-ass boutique which was one of many lives, she's started magazines and movements, always teaching us about good design and good living and now, NOW!, she's a mommy too.

They're parents y'all. Wow. We've been waiting so long for this and now it's finally happening!

Here is their adoption story:

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Much is said of what is spiritual, and of spirituality, in this, that, or the other--in objects, expressions.--For me, I see no object, no expression, no animal, no tree, no art, no book, but I see, from morning to night, and from night to morning, the spiritual.--Bodies are all spiritual.--All words are spiritual--nothing is more spiritual than words.--Whence are they? along how many thousands and tens of thousands of years have they come? those eluding, fluid, beautiful, fleshless, realities, Mother, Father, Water, Earth, Me, This, Soul, Tongue, House, Fire.

--Walt Whitman
from The Neglected Walt Whitman: Vital Texts
Ed. Sam Abrams

Thursday, October 09, 2008

I'll walk out there with you.

Filmmaker Tim Kiernan made this great one-shot video of a family/friend pig pickin' we played in Raleigh.

The Rosebuds - Get Up Get Out (live) from tk on Vimeo.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Hold Hands and Fight

This chick is brave. And she has stolen my heart. Not because of how I'm self-involved and how these are my lyrics and they're like, pretty much all over her body and wow it's crazy to have a fan like that. That's not it at all. Not even it.

She wrote that she and her partner got these together. And THAT... I totally understood. If anybody knows the feeling of what it's like to live the lyrics of this song, it's me. So, I understand everything. These lyrics do mean a lot to me--more than other songs--and I relate to this choice. The tattoo is the badge, which is only a signifier, but the need... THIS is what it's like to be a human in an absurd world.
One which makes outrageous claims on us. And yet we still have our ability to create partnerships. NEED them.


Push It from Kelly Rosebud on Vimeo.

I found this today and it made me so happy to see. Jasmine the Amazing Dog records a cover of "Push It."
There are mp3s of this cover floating around if you want it on yer tape thing radio, but I'm too lazy to find it right now. Soon though.


Listen up y'all. Just because we are Spin.com's Artist of the Day doesn't mean we have changed. We still put our Raleigh Denim Jeans on one leg at a time, only now I bedazzle them with real gems. No, not mostly diamonds--I'm not an asshole. Some rubies but yeah, okay, mostly diamonds. But everything else is the same. Except we get written about in Spin (most people don't, just saying). That, and I'm half way to Rio as I write this. But, everything else...


p.s. Rio still the place fancy people go?

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Dodge, My Old Kentucky

My Old Kentucky Blog... You rule the hardest. You love the band, and for that I'm thankful, but you are a good man too and smart and fun to hang out with. I loved the sirius radio session we did and the Hot Freaks party and the Indy show, and hanging out with you and the little lady downstairs, and just can't wait to go again! But really, with all the new Life Like news happening, you might be surprised that it was THIS article that made me smile. You're funny.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Life Like

Go HERE to listen to or buy Life Like from Merge Records in any format you like including mp3, FLAC, 180-gram vinyl, and CD.


We are on the cover of the Independent! That really feels like such a big honor. I mean, it IS a big honor but it feels, I don't know... validating? It's our home paper! That's a big deal to us.
Check out the article HERE