Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Listen up y'all. Just because we are Spin.com's Artist of the Day doesn't mean we have changed. We still put our Raleigh Denim Jeans on one leg at a time, only now I bedazzle them with real gems. No, not mostly diamonds--I'm not an asshole. Some rubies but yeah, okay, mostly diamonds. But everything else is the same. Except we get written about in Spin (most people don't, just saying). That, and I'm half way to Rio as I write this. But, everything else...


p.s. Rio still the place fancy people go?


yoAdrienne said...

that's awesome! congrats!

also, Rio seems to be the place.

David said...

Congrats for real! New Raleigh is super stoked about the new disc!


Thanks for the beautiful music!

Kim said...

aww... i love that jasmine got a mention in spin!