Friday, May 02, 2008

Day 5: Tornado Warning

We are on our way through Arkansas, heading to Oxford, MS, through multiple tornado warnings in all counties we are about to cross. We are racing tornadoes at this point. Ivan said, "well, the warning will be over in a few minutes." Just then the announcer said, "with another cell just behind it."

Another warning coming through now.

I don't mean to make light of this because I know this storm has killed people today, but we are having alternating bouts of fear cracked up by laughter since there is one announcer who keeps referring to a nearby county called "Cooter County." He said, "And it IS getting hotter down in Cooter. We are seeing some moisture down there now." I mean, !!!

Another warning. Funnel cloud just west of us, moving to the east.

We are trying to pick our shelter now. Here comes the rain...
I thought a Target would be a good place to stop but I also thought about the possible fatal irony of picking an enormous building with an actual, prominently displayed target.

I don't want my life to have been reduced to that easy of a joke.
Oh damn, we are approaching Cooter now.
I also don't want to die in Cooter. The weather spotter is saying he is looking at two separate funnel clouds. I can't see one.

Here's a rest stop.
Matt just said, "Hey Kelly, go stand over next to that funnel cloud and let me get a picture." See here, we are funny ALL the time.

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