Thursday, May 22, 2008

Cat's Cradle 2008

This here video is something I found while innocently YouTubeing myself.
It's of a bunch of crazy people, obviously. It gets really good around 2:30 (2 min. 30 sec.) and I remember this--there were so many people on stage I couldn't hear Matt anymore. Hell yes!


ANA PÉREZ said...

Excellent! I had liked to be there... ;-)

temples of grey (betsy) said...

Ohh, nice! And y'all throw one smacking sweet party when you take the stage! I should go back and post more videos I'd shot from y'all's shows.

Here are some more of my embarrassingly amateur vids of The Rosebuds. Remember: I'm generally shooting vids with the left hand, while shooting stills with a heavy Canon in the right.

The Rosebuds, “I Was Made for Loving You, Baby”, 5/19/06 Cat’s Cradle

The Rosebuds (2)"Waiting For the Carnival", 1/16/08 Cat's Cradle

The Rosebuds (3)“Governor’s Daughter”, 1/16/08 Cat's Cradle

The Rosebuds (4)“Big Heartbreak”, 1/16/08 Cat's Cradle

The Rosebuds (5)snippet “Silja Line”, 1/16/08 Cat's Cradle

The Rosebuds (6)“Get Up Get Out”, 1/16/08 Cat's Cradle