Monday, April 14, 2008

Boom. Done.

This here remix record is free at the online store so go on down and get it. Go on. Old Justin Vernon of Bon Iver has done a whale of a job reconstructing "Get up Get out" and laid open the sadness and beauty in the lyrics all the experts hadn't noticed. Roger O'Donnell put all these pitsicata/pizzacado/pizzicato/how do you say it? strings on "I Better Run" and when I first heard it I said, "Holy F! It was ROGER who made "Disintegration" what it is to me! It was ROGER who is responsible for my dark side after all! And now it is ROGER who has deconstructed it and shown it to me AGAIN!"
The Portastatic remix is the summer beach jam of jams! Mac surprised us with this remix when we were on tour and I remember listening to it on my laptop speakers in a moldy smelling 2-star and I thought, "I can't do this here. Not here!" But somehow it ended up only enhancing the beach feel.
For optimum results you'll need to lay in some supplies first--some sunburn creme and pina coladas.
The Fire Hazard remix is terrifying.
The JYU remix is electrifying.
The Luke Warm remix is strobifying.
The Radical 9 remix is Euro-dance-blast-erizing.
The El Venado remix is tent-revival-testifying.
And the Wes Phillips remix is possibly genius.

Sweet Beats, Troubled Sleep (Furies Remixed!)

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