Sunday, April 09, 2006

Semana Santa

After dinner tonight Giorgio, Ivan, and I walked down the street to see the processional for Semana Santa. The streets were so crowded that we decided not to try to get close to the cathedral, through which all the processional participants must travel, but we still got to see one large church's float in honor of Jesus. In front and behind this float were endless streams of people dressed in black cloaks and tall, pointy hats which are designed to hide their shame as they are sinners. The KKK in America latched onto this look and appropriated it, turning it into something so disturbing that for Americans like us, seeing these processionals here is difficult. On first seeing them, my heart sank and I felt flush with fear. You can probably see why in this photo I snapped. I'll try to post some footage too--maybe tomorrow.


Brad Barry, Esq. said...

Hey, I really love you guys and reading your posts! Have a good week!

Jöse - Green Ufos said...

hi! Nice to read you had fun last days. We were really happy of having you guys in the festival.

regarding the Semana Santa ... it's kind of weird, difficult to understand for strangers. I don't like it at all.

good luck with the forthcoming shows!

dunno if we'll meet again at your spanish gigs next week.

all the best,

Gísli Eysteinsson said...

Heard you were in Europe. What do you say about coming to Iceland on the way back.
It would be great to see you...

jbass said...

hey guys. hope things are well in europe. maybe see ya in greensboro.


Jessica A said...

The picture is great. Thanks for keeping us updated.