Saturday, April 08, 2006

La Rubia... she came in very late last night.

Our show in Seville was fantastic--everyone had a good time and there were lots of people dancing and singing along! We were very happy.
Then we went out to the afterparty where we met lots of fun people and partied until 6:30 a.m. Tonight I went to the theatre and one of the guys from the label said that he bumped into the lady who owns the little hotel we are staying in and she said, "La Rubia... she came in very late last night." I can imagine she said this with the face, "you know what I mean?" He was laughing. He said, "I heard you had... a good time last night." Es verdad. Right now it is around 5:00 a.m. and we just got back to the hotel but everyone is just now starting to leave the bars. We left a packed bar (the fun club) and I was thinking, "These people do not stop," but now, an hour later, our neighbors are just getting in and the people down on the street are laughing and it sounds like there are some discussions about who they saw at the bar and who said what. I thought I was a mistress of the night, but in Sevilla...


Ignacio said...

Thanks for the concert!!!

We hope to see you soon in Seville one more time.

You´re great people.

malheur said...

I was at your show last night in Sevilla, and I agree with you, it was fantastic!!!
We have a great time seeing you

(I like it so much that probably I will try to see you at Barcelona too)