Sunday, May 24, 2009

Spiritual Journey

Spiritual journey. Epic fail.
"This is the first day of my new life," I said standing there on the early morning beach, hung the fuck over.
"I'll wade out and when the right wave comes, I'll dive under and let the water wash over me," I thought.
But knee deep I realized it was too cold for a cleansing. So I decided to walk instead. "Now" I declared to myself in real words, "Now I will find a special shell and will have a keepsake to commemorate the beginning of my new life."
But I walked a long way and couldn't find anything complete. I wanted a whole shell to represent, you know.
After walking a half mile I found a quarter-sized shard that was once the crown of a tiny whelk, only smoothed down. It looked a lot like a woman's breast. "This is something" and I picked that up.
A little further down I found a fragment from what I decided was a turtle egg. "Yeah, an egg shell is symbolic" and I picked that up.
But then I got depressed thinking how I would display these little things. I realized how pitiful they would seem to me laying on the dresser or in a wasabi dish or whatever.
Almost a mile in I threw them down and called it quits.

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meg said...

I to have been jorneying the spirtual walk. I'm sorry you don't feel complete. Mine to as not felt as progressive as I want. but don't we all seek to fly when we can barely stuble along. I've recenlty reiceved some advise from a fellow journeyer. If we expect good things to come in specific shapes we seldom see the goodthings that are in all the other shapes. Maby the shell wasn't were your spiritual journey was at. Maby you were ment to dwell on the sand. Or perhaps the water held wisdome for you. I don't know if it helps you. It probly wont. but then who knows.