Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bath, NC

I've boarded the flight. It will be partly cloudy in New York, as usual. I am in the habit of taking note of when I'm about to physically or metaphorically fly into tumult. Give me only positive thoughts of little Jasmine when the layers of control and safety become friable, as they are surely about to.

In the airport, I saw an advertisement for a lifestyle in Bath, NC. Houses for sale. "Live in BATH!"
What a romantic idea--living in Bath.
Have me bathed in the Atlantic, in the Pamlico, in my childhood, in my real self, in my thinking and too-aware inner child, in my untouched inner self, the one that cannot be bathed. Scrub her, educate her, tame her hair but it's always the same. Huck Finn in Bath, new and modernized Bath, is still Huck Finn.

1 comment:

alexandra said...

Hey guys, just to say that we need to listen to you alive in europe...

when are you coming?, this weekend in madrid, spain...me and my friends were crazy about you singing all night long...

pleaaase come.

hugs and kisses and thank you.