Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pet Visit

Ivan visits with little orphaned dogs at the adoption fair. Somebody abandoned this little guy?!
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Ken Socrates said...

This might be the perfect place to tell you about my 4 year old daughter's obsession with your video for "Nice Fox" featuring Jasmine. She loves dogs and she loves your music.

Just today she begged me, "Can we watch the Fox one with the doggie?" She then proceeds to dance about the living room to the song, instinctively chiming in with "And it don't mean nothing at all" in all the right places. I've told her that, when you see the band in person, they ask everyone to sing that part and how wonderful it is and that, someday, we'll go to a concert together and do just that.

So, you've got yourselves a new, very enthusiastic, young fan. In about, say, 14 years or so, when you're out on tour and you come through Boston, she would appreiate it if "Nice Fox" is on the set list for that night. Wink, wink.