Thursday, February 19, 2009

Reading Update

I've been taking several mini-breaks from Infinite Jest. Some because of travel and some because of exhaustion. Reading other material, even scholarly stuff, is a breeze compared to it. Let's see... Here's a recent list of books:
The Good Earth (my favorite this time of year)
Great Gatsby
Fathers and Sons
Kafka on the Shore
a collection of Nabokov's papers/lectures
and this Georges Bataille work called Erotism: Death and Sensuality.

Erotism--about the history of eroticism. It's a translation of the 1957 edition and it's out on City Lights. I picked it up in San Francisco when we were there for Noise Pop last year because I've been toying with the idea of a scholarly paper on erotic literature. And maybe teaching it as a class, at some point.
I have lots of weird ideas.
Anyway, on the back cover, Foucault calls Bataille "one of the most important writers of the century." So, you know.
If you're gonna get into it, be warned. It's an all-star cast including old Sade.

Some brainstorming on Erotic Literature--the basic syllabus:
Anais Nin (diary + some fiction)
Henry Miller (slight eye roll)

What else? hmmmm. Any suggestions? These are for sure. I'm flexible after these I guess. But no romance novels or anything like that. Bleck.
No schmaltz.
I've cruised the collections on Amazon and what-not, which are mostly garbage.
We need real literature.


Allen said...

I just started reading Women by Charles Bukowski (yeah, I know I'm a little late on that one).

Ken said...

Isn't Murakami great? I got into him a couple of years ago. Kafka on the Shore was fantastic. I'd also recommend The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle.