Sunday, March 11, 2007

Columbia, SC Setlist

On our way to SxSW. This is the setlist for the show tonight. We are hanging with Beach House tonight at the old hotel in Columbia so I better get out of here. See you soon love.

Hold on to This Coat
Cemetery Lawn
Back to Boston
I Better Run
Shake Our Tree
Waiting for the Carnival
Leaves Do Fall
Lights Went Dim
Night of the Furies
Kicks in the Schoolyard
Drunkards Worst Nightmare


Natalia said...

pleeeease, come to spain!!!
i recently found you and i just love you!! you're welcome to barcelona!


Anonymous said...

Hey guys! Hope you have wonderful time at SXSW!

I noticed on myspace that you cancelled a couple of shows. Hope everything is okay. Can't wait for your new album :) Less than a month... x

Anonymous said...

beach house are awesome!