Friday, July 21, 2006


Ivan invents words.
Last year he invented "dramastically" which is some kind of fusion of dramatic and drastic... in the adverb sense?
Anyway, we were trying to write lyrics to a new song we're working on and after I proposed a line he didn't like, Ivan said, "It's too melan-campy." I thought it was a fusion of "melancholy" and "campy," which did, in fact, describe the line's faults. But, he assured me that the problem was actually that I had proposed a lyric too much like John (Cougar?) Melancamp.

*I retain the rights to use melan-campy for the purposes I mistakenly discovered, however.


wordslikeviolence said...

one of the professors in my uni was using 'dramastically' as well. it was really driving me nuts! it's not even a real word dammit!

the rosebuds said...

just realized that melancampy has the same relative definition no matter which way you describe it--Melancamp's lyrics or melancholy/campy.
Same thing.