Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Radio 4 Vienna

We were told that the national radio station in Vienna plays our song "Leaves Do Fall" a number of times a day and that it is very popular. That would be like NPR's Fresh Air playing the song every day, which would be just crazy. So we were honored to go into the studios for an interview and a live, accoustic performance. We did the interview in English but I never wanted so desperately to be able to address people, in this case an entire nation, in their own language--they listen to our stories in our language, I'd love to thank them for that in theirs.
It's also common for interview questions to be general things like, "What's it like being on tour?" or "What's it like being in a band?" and those questions beg for answers like, "good" and "fine." But this time, the questions were so specific--they were about content. For example: "The song 'Leaves Do Fall' is a Romeo and Juliet story, or a star-crosssed lovers story isn't it?" Yes. Finally. The story!!! Yes sir, it is. And then there's something to talk about.
And look at the coffee they brought us! Reinhardt, our very sensitive and sweet tour manager in Vienna said, "I was nervous to go to the station, I thought, 'Oh, what happen if it goes not so good? What if it goes badly?'" Ivan said, "You were nervous? You don't have to be nervous." Reinhardt said, "Yes, but, it was the country and it was live so, it could have gone very badly." I tried to tell him about how even if it goes badly, it is still okay. Then Ivan said, "Man, you're with The Rosebuds. Know what I'm saying?" He laughed and then we all laughed.

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