Saturday, December 03, 2005

Ft. Lauderdale

We are in Ft. Lauderdale tonight for the first time. Right now we are at Morgan's house (long-time good friend) and everybody is asleep except Morgan and me and we are listening to Born to Run by the boss man and an Andrea Bocelli opera. We just played our last night with Shout Out Louds and were so sad to say goodbye to them. They are just great people and the best of friends now. You know how it is when you just really click with someone. We are missing them already.
Tonight they came on stage and sang along to "Blue Bird" and we clapped and sang along to "Hurry Up Let's Go" and it felt like so much real fun. After the show, all night, I tried so hard to have fun but i just felt sad to lose them.
I'll be posting some photos from the shows soon.
Maybe I should sleep now since we have to drive to Savannah, GA tomorrow.


KrissyBear said...

Aww....I'm sorry you had to say your "goodbyes" to the Shout Out Louds already! They were really nice guys....but I was also very lucky to meet the two of you. I am addicted to your new cd and currently have "Blue Bird" on repeat. I was disappointed to find out that i missed you all performing "Blue Bird" up on stage with the guys! =/

the rosebuds said...

I'm glad you like "Blue Bird." You know, sometimes I think about Ivan's grandmother when we play that song. She has memory problems and sometimes I imagine (to comfort me when we're on tour) that if she were to go walking and get lost, that nature would intervine and send a bird to help her find her way home.