Friday, November 11, 2005


So we are on tour now in a hotel room in Billings Montana. One show so far at the Varsity Theater last night in Minneapolis. The Shout Out Louds and The Sun are both great. A beautiful sold out show! Tons of info and all kinds of stuff coming to this blog as soon as we figure how to post everything. Until then, here is a picture of the pirana from the aquarium in Minneapolis MN!


issa said...

come to mexico. or maybe texas, and i'll try to stop by. good luck with the tour.

seawolven said...

Saw you guys playing at the Crocodile in Seattle monday night.

My girlfriend and I came just to hear you play.

You sound as good live as you do on your album.

Thanks for a great show!

nel cola├ža said...

yesterday i had oportunity to listen your new work. was the first time that i meet your was a pleasure, it's very good.
i can't stop singing "boxcar"
i hope that you sell and came to europe and my country Portugal.