Friday, December 19, 2008

This happened.

Bon Iver

Here you see my special guys on the Dave Letterman:

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

North Carolina

Here's something I was trying to explain in Laundromatinee about NC:

There's such an excitement in NC right now. We've been so proud of our music family there--everybody's so supportive--not competitive--ultimate bohemian dream come true type shit. It's really magical there. Friends who've moved away say they can't figure out why other towns aren't like ours. Why nothing is as easy as it is in NC. I can tell you stories. Super romantic fall-in-love stories just fecundated with nostalgia for something we still have--you know what I mean? It's so special and we all know it that we're already nostalgic for it.

Full article here

January Shows

These go on sale just in time for Christmas...

1.14 Baltimore Ottobar
1.15 Philadelphia Johnny Brenda's
1.16 NYC Bowery Ballroom
1.17 Boston Middle East
1.24 Chapel Hill Cat's Cradle