Saturday, November 17, 2007

Open Letter to Frank Black #2

I read today in Prefix Magazine that Frank Black (Black Francis) recently played a show and one of the only two Pixies songs he played was "Break My Body," which I decided to sing when we were asked to cover it for the Pixies Tribute record entitled Dig for Fire.
Anyway, I am so excited that he chose my jam to play live! Ivan says he doesn't think The Pixies even played it during their reunion tour.

If you'll recall, I posted an open letter to Frank a few months ago inviting him to dinner. Have not heard back from him yet so here's another one...

Open Letter to Frank Black #2:

What's up dawg?!
Congratulations on having a baby on the way! When are you guys due? I know you are excited!
I'm still serious about getting sushi together. I'll be in NYC at the end of November through December if you're in town by any chance. I'm starting to do stand-up again and I have a couple shows up there but I'll be free most of the time if you can hang!
Not much going on here in North Carolina... Ivan had knee surgery last week to have his ACL replaced so we're not touring right now. Working on new songs though.

Have you seen Boure Ultimatum? Everybody was talking about it but I couldn't go see it because I hadn't seen the first two yet. I finally did this week and they're pretty cool.

Okay, talk to you later.
Take care,