Sunday, July 30, 2006

Shake Our Tree

This is footage of the beginning of the Bohemian Revolution. It started in Spain on April 20, 2006. The footage is shaky, as you can see, because the camera person (me) forgot to stop celebrating.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Matt and Giorgio

These are some good photos of our guys: Matt McCaughan and Giorgio Angelini. The first is of Matt on the beach. It was a nude beach but Matthew has no love for convention.
The second is of Giorgio in Stockholm. He's thinking about the beauty and horror of the human condition.
Giorgio by Malcolm @

Stockholm Show

Aside from Ping Pong and Easter celebration (see earlier entries), we also managed to play a rock show. Here are some photos of the venue. Ivan at the window overlooking the water. Kelly visits with Ted (Shout Out Louds) backstage. The wonderful crowd. This show was a total surprise for us. We weren't sure what to expect since we do not have a record label or distribution in Sweden. The venue, as you can see, was beautiful and the crowd was so much fun. They'd already been treated to a superb set from the Of Montreal guys including a surprise Kinks cover with help from Ivan and Adam (Shouts) and then (and THEN) a cover of the Shouts' "Please Please Please" guest starring Bebban and Adam. So we didn't want to bring the party down but weren't sure if anybody would really know our music. What can you do, though? Instead of trying to hide, we decided to act normal and put on a rock show, which was the right choice it turns out.
Some people knew the words to some of the songs and when the dancing and singing started, we stopped being scared and felt totally at home. I wonder if people think that's weird--that I'd feel at home in a crowd. Or in front of a crowd, rather. I guess I also think that is weird.
But it doesn't matter, it's true and I'm glad I won't be afraid to go back to Stockholm for more ping pong and rock music.

Ping Pong King

photo taken by Malcolm Fallenius at

Ivan, not knowing how to turn his kill instinct off, brought the pain to Stockholm in the Spring of 06.

Friday, July 21, 2006


Ivan invents words.
Last year he invented "dramastically" which is some kind of fusion of dramatic and drastic... in the adverb sense?
Anyway, we were trying to write lyrics to a new song we're working on and after I proposed a line he didn't like, Ivan said, "It's too melan-campy." I thought it was a fusion of "melancholy" and "campy," which did, in fact, describe the line's faults. But, he assured me that the problem was actually that I had proposed a lyric too much like John (Cougar?) Melancamp.

*I retain the rights to use melan-campy for the purposes I mistakenly discovered, however.